The Queens Ministry

A newly formed ministry for Queens was launched on July 22, 2012. Well over 100 
people came out to hear the eloquent, charismatic, dynamic speaker for God, Bishop 
Andy C. Lewter. “Ah, This Is Good!” was the memorable message that Bishop Lewter
 ever so charismatically delivered. This message also describes this new ministry which 
includes powerful singing, and high praises. Bishop Lewter opened the doors of The
 Queens ministry on October 28, 2012, and an astounding 22 worshippers joined under 
his leadership, and within 3 months time have doubled his membership. Many future 
positive endeavors are to follow for this Blessed ministry.

Following our Sunday sermons we fellowship into our Bible Breakfast, conducted by our 
Elder Mary Ellis. This experience is life rewarding, and self-dedicating which will fill your
 mind, body, and soul to enrich your “Christlike” walk with God! Come and experience 
what The Queens Ministry has to offer. “Like” us on Facebook!